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Session 8A
"The Force Awakens"
The Future of ECMO
Moderators: Bob Bartlett (Michigan), Jay Wilson (Boston), Gregor Walker
09:00-09:30 Is there evidence out there? Summary of recent ECMO Trials and future direction of research
Dan Brodie, New York
09:30-10:00 Comparison and lessons learned from the Australian (Vincent Pellegrino, Sydney) and UK Experience (Nick Barrett, London) of setting up a National Adult ECMO Service
10:00-10:30 What is the role for low flow extracorporeal systems in the ECMO era?
Thomas Müller, Regensburg
10:30-11:00What is the role of Perfluorocarbons in the ECMO era?
Thomas Shaffer, Philadelphia
Session 9A
"Guardians of the Galaxy"
Moderators: Thomas Muller (Regensburg), Heidi Dalton (Phoenix), Nick Barrett (London)
11:30-12:00Pro/Con debate
"There is no role for regulation of ECMO provision"
For the motion Robert Bartlett, Michigan
Against the motion Vincent Pellegrino, Sydney
12:00-12:30ELSO going Forward
James Fortenberry Atlanta, Roberto Lorusso (Maastricht)
12:30-13:00Congress Closes and Invite to EuroELSO 2017 in Masstricht
Session 8B
"The cold never bothered me anyway"
ECMO & Hypothermia
Moderators: Mark Davidson (Glasgow), Rune Haaverstad (Bergen), Jan Belohlavek (Prague)
09:00-09:30ECMO rewarming from deep accidental hypothermia:
The Swiss and the International Hypothermia Registry update
Beat Walpoth, Geneva
09:30-09:50Hypothermia - the Norwegian experience
Per Bredmose, Norway
09:50-10:10Hypothermia - The Scottish experience
Iain Scott, Aberdeen
10:10-10:30We need an ELSO approved algorithm for the appropriate use of ECMO in Hypothermia
David Noble, Aberdeen
10:30-11:00Panel Discussion - all speakers