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Session 3A
"I've a bad feeling about this"
Challenges in Adult Respiratory ECMO
Moderators: Jay Zwischenberger (Kentucky), Nick Barrett (London), Bob Bartlett (Michigan)
09:00-09:15Lung strategies to avoid Respiratory ECMO
Salvatore Grasso, Bari
09:15-09:30 Transport of Adult Respiratory Patients for ECMO
Mikael Broman, Stockholm
09:30-09:45Cannualtion and circuit options for Respiratory ECMO
Bob Bartlett, Michigan
09:45-10:00Lung strategies during Respiratory ECMO
John Fraser, Brisbane
10:00-10:15Challenging respiratory conditions - MIRS, HIV etc
Simon Finney, London
10:15-10:45Panel Discussion - all speakers
Session 4A
"Don’t look back in anger"
Challenges in Adult Respiratory ECMO
Moderators: Alain Combes (Paris), Thomas Müller (Regensburg)
11:15-11:30Nutritional support on ECMO
Danielle Bear, London
11:30-11:45Patient comfort strategies during Respiratory ECMO
Jo-Anne Fowles, London
11:45-12:00Psychological support for ECMO patients
Kathleen Daly, London
12:00-12:15Investigations and Interventions on VV ECMO
Nicholas Barrett, London
12:15-12:30Rehabilitation during and after Respiratory ECMO
Dan Brodie, New York
12:30-12:45Panel discussion - all speakers
Lunch Break and Lunch Symposia13:05-14:00Getinge Group's Clinical Symposium
Extracorporeal Pulmonary Support - Ideas and Evidence
A short story about respiratory failure - Tilmann Schwab, Freiburg
Beyond acute NIV in Asthma and COPD: ECCO2R and NIV-NAVA - Christian Karagiannidis, Cologne
Update on Clinical Evidence - Alain Combes, Paris
Closure and Take Home Messages - Nicholas Barrett, London
Session 5A
"Flipping threats for the future"
ECMO & Quality Improvement
Moderator: Christine Owen
14:00-14:20Poor beaviours in healthcare
Neil Spenceley, Glasgow
14:20-14:40High Reliability Teams and Shared Decision Making
Dave Cooper, Cincinnati
14:40-15:00Learning from excellence
Adrian Plunkett, Birmingham
15:00-15:15Panel discussion
All speakers
Session 6A
"The heart of the matter"
Challenges in Adult Cardiac ECMO
Moderators: Jutyna Swol (Kronach), Florian Wagner (Hamburg), Xiatong Hu (Bejing)
15:15-15:30Selection of patients for Mechanical Circulatory Support
Andrew Sinclair, Glasgow
15:30-15:45Are Elderly Patients not Candidate for VA-ECMO?
Roberto Lorusso, Maastricht
15:45-16:00 Entry strategies to ECMO: When and who to call. A Cardiologist’s perspective Richard Trimlett, London
16:00-16:15Complications of VA ECMO and how to prevent or treat
Giles Peek, New York
16:15-16:30Exit strategies from VA ECMO
Jay Zwischenberger, Kentucky
Session 7A
Challenges in Adult Cardiac ECMO
Moderators: Nawwar Al-Attar (Glasgow), Rune Haaverstad (Bergen), Yih-Sharng Chen (Taiwan)
17:00-17:15RV assistance after LVAD implantation
Matthias Kirsch, Paris
17:15-17:30Role of echocardiography in Cardiac ECLS Giuseppe Bozzetti, Glasgow
17:30-17:45Impella rescue in ECMO patients
Federico Pappalardo, Milan
17:45-18:00LVAD implantation in redo cases: how to make it simple
Michele De Bonis, Milan
18:00-18:15Panel Discussion - all speakers
SOCIAL PROGRAMME18:30-LateGlasgow Science Centre Ceilidh and Civic Drinks - a complimentary evening
Session 3B
"Houston, we have a problem"
Troubleshooting on ECMO
Moderators: Gail Annich (Toronto), Mark Davidson (Glasgow)
09:00-09:20Alternative anticoagulants - what, when, and how to monitor
Gail Annich, Toronto
09:20-09:40 How I deal with bleeding on ECMO
Giles Peek, New York
09:40-10:00The difficult cannulation
Chris Harvey, Leicester
10:00-10:20The difficult transport
Kenneth Palmer, Stockholm
10:20-10:45Case studies - "The pump has stopped"
Session 4B
"Go with the flow" The physiology of an ECMO circuit
Moderators: Leen Vercaemst (Leuven), Terry Gourlay (Glasgow)
11:15-11:30Circuit research
John Fraser, Brisbane
11:30-11:45Role of the Engineer in ECMO Development - past and future
Terry Gourlay, Glasgow
11:45-12:00Flow characteristics of ECMO cannulae
Christiaan Matheve, Leuven
12:00-12:15Pros and cons of different ECMO configurations
Ludwig von Segesser, Zurich
12:15-12:45Panel discussion - all speakers
Lunch Break and Lunch Symposia12:45-14:00Getinge Group's Nurse Symposiumthe session will include Tracy Morrison, Ohio as keynote
Serena O'Brien, Dublin
Lynne Anderson, Glasgow
Session 5B
"Getting up and running"
Setting up a Successful ECMO Programme
Moderator: Micheal Heard (Atlanta), Serena O'Brien (Dublin)
14:00-14:20How to set up an ECMO Programme
Serena O'Brien, Dublin
14:20-14:40How to maintain and improve a successful ECMO ProgrammeTracy Morrison, Ohio
14:40-15:00ECMO Team Training
Vanessa Stanley, Southampton & Shelley Nolan, Alder Hey
15:00-15:15The ELSO Centre of Excellence Award - An aspiration
Micheal Heard, Atlanta
Session 6B
"How to stay the course"
Running a Safe and Efficient ECMO Programme
Moderators: Gillian Wylie (Glasgow), Davide Ghitti (Bergamo), Mark Ogino (Philadelphia)
15:15-15:30The role of social media in ECMO education Jason McClure, Melbourne
15:30-15:45Role of the Perfusionist in your ECMO Programme
Leen Vercaemst, Brussels
15:45-16:00Role of the ECMO nurse in Paris, is specialist training really necessary?
Chirine Mossadegh, Paris
16:00-16:30Pro/Con debate
"One nurse is adequate to manage a patient on ECMO support"
Maggie Hickey, Leicester and Gillian Wylie, Glasgow
Session 7B
"When all around is failing"
ECMO and Organ Failure
Moderators: Jay Zwischenberger (Kentucky), Justyna Swol (Kronach), James Fortenberry (Atlanta)
17:00-17:15How I manage renal failure and fluid overload on ECMO
Chris Harvey, Leicester
17:15-17:30How I manage liver failure in ECMO patients
Claire Westrope, Leicester
17:30-18:15"ECMO is essential in running a successful liver transplant programme"
For the motion Georg Auzinger, London
Against the motion Thomas Müller, Regensburg
SOCIAL PROGRAMME18:30-LateGlasgow Science Centre Ceilidh and Civic Drinks - a complimentary evening
Session 3C
"Every breath you take"
Looking After the Baby Lung on ECMO
Moderators: Jonathan Coutts (Glasgow), Matteo di Nardo (Rome)
09:00-09:20Effect of gender and estrogens on PHT - from lab to bedside
Mandy MacLean, Glasgow
09:20-09:40How I manage PHT in CDH
Neil Patel, Glasgow
09:40-10:00How I manage ventilation in CDH
Robert Jan Houmes, Rotterdam
10:00-10:45Pro/Con Debate
"There is no role for ECMO in the management of CDH"
For the motion Jay Wilson, Boston;
Against the motion Gregor Walker, Glasgow
Session 4C
"The gift of life"
ECMO and Paediatric Transplantation
Moderators: Mark Davidson (Glasgow), Jay Wilson (Boston)
11:15-11:30Long term cardiac support in children - what is the end game?
Jon Smith, Newcastle
11:30-11:45How can we get more paediatric organs for transplantation?
Joe Brierley, London
11:45-12:00Organ Preservation Steve Horton, Melbourne
12:00-12:45Pro/Con Debate
"Long term mechanical cardiac support is a waste of valuable resources"
For the motion Jon Smith, Newcastle
Against the motion Chris Kidson, Glasgow
Lunch Break and Lunch Symposia12:45-14:00LivaNova Lunch SymposiumECMO: new clinical insights into a “well-known” extracorporeal support therapy
The importance of details: coating and anticoagulation management - F, Pappalardo – IRCCS San Raffaele Scientific Institute, Milan, Italy
In-hospital and mobile ECMO: state of the art and new scenarios, are we missing anything? - A. Philipp – University Hospital of Regensburg, Germany
Development and organization of a E-CRP program - I. Rodrigus – University of Antwerp, Belgium
Session 5C
"Stayin' alive"
Moderators: Mark Davidson (Glasgow), Pete Roeleveld (Leiden)
14:00-14:20Brain freeze during resuscitation - is there a role for Perfluorocarbons
Tom Shaffer, Philadelphia
14:20-14:40E-CPR for OHCA - an A to Z Jan Belohlavek, Prague
14:40-15:15Dragons Den @EuroELSO
E-CPR - Who's role is it?
Steve Conrad, Shreveport vs Jason McCLure, Melbourne vs Alain Combes, Paris
Session 6C
"ECMO - what's the point?"
Outcomes and Lessons Learned from Follow-up of Children After ECMO
Moderators: Judith Simpson (Glasgow), Malaika Mendonca (Abu Dhabi), Jay Wilson, (Boston)
15:15-15:30Neonatal Outcomes & lessons to learn
Aparna Hoskote, London
15:30-15:45E-CPR - Outcomes & lessons to learn
Ravi Thiagarjan, Boston
15:45-16:00Paediatric Outcomes & lessons to learn
Heidi Dalton, Phoenix
16:00-16:15Neonatal & Paediatric Cardiac Outcomess & lessons to learn
Cho Ng, London
16:15-16:30Panel discussion - all speakers
Session 7C
"Where angels fear to tread"
Pushing the Boundaries with ECMO
Moderators: Kevin McCaffery (Brisbane), Kenneth Palmer (Stockholm)
17:00-17:15When can we use ECMO in Trauma
Christof Schmid, Regensburg
17:15-17:30The expanding role of ECMO in Cancer
Roberto Chiletti (Melbourne)
17:30-17:45When to use ECMO in Sepsis
Dave Nelson, Cincinatti
17:45-18:00Haemopoietic Stem Cell Transplantation - always a contraindication to ECMO?
Matteo di Nardo, Rome
18:00-18:15Panel Discussion - all speakers
SOCIAL PROGRAMME18:30-LateGlasgow Science Centre Ceilidh and Civic Drinks - a complimentary evening